1. Requirements for using Rentcars.bg services:

  •  The Customer needs to be in possession of the  needed documents – valid ID (or passport), valid driving licence from the period of minimum two years.
  • For the duration of the period of the contract the Customer’s driving licence needs not to be temporary or permanently taken away.
  • Only drivers entitled by the contract are allowed to drive the vehicle.

2. Reservation and picking up the vehicle:

  • You can rent a car by dialing +359 87 90 90 900 via Skype: rentcars.bg or by filling in the Reservation form
  • Picking up and returning the vehicle is done either in our office or in a place chosen by you within Sofia or in the Airport. If you wish to use pick up/return location different than the office the delivery is done complimentary when the rental period is more than 5 days and the pick up/drop off time is within working hours. If the rental period is shorter or the pick up/drop off time is out of working hours the Delivery fee is 10 EUR.
  • You can as well pick up and/or return the vehicle in a location different than Sofia within the territory of Bulgaria. You can do so by placing an order for that in advance and against corresponding payment.
  • On signing the contract a sighting of the car is held and if existent car appearance imperfections or absences are portrayed in the Car Delivery/Acceptance Certificate. On returning the vehicle a second sighting is done by a company agent and in case of presence of failures and/or shortages caused by the Lessee which are not covered by the type of Insurance taken the covering amount is deducted from the Deposit.3. Price:The rental price includes:
    • Car Rent for 24 hours from the time of renting
    • Liability Insurance
    • Vignette for the territory of Bulgaria
    • Mandatory equipment as required by the bodies of the Traffic Police
    • Map of Bulgaria
    • Delivery free of charge within the city of Sofia and Vrazhdebna Airport during working hours and for rental period over 5 days

    If returning the rental vehicle 2 to 6 hours later than agreed in the contract 50% of the Rental price per day is charged and if the delay is over 6 hours one whole extra day payed.

    The Weekend tariff covers the time between 6 pm on Friday and 10 am on Monday

    The price do not include:

    • Fuel /if returning the Vehicle with less fuel then referred to in the Contract the missing quantity is paid/
    • GPS
    • Snow chains
    • Extra car rack or other equipment

    4.       The lessee must not:

    • drive the car if drunken or after the use of any narcotics or narcotic drugs
    • give the Vehicle rented to be driven by any other persons who are not mentioned in the Rental Contract.
    • use the Vehicle rented by him/her/it in a manner that will allow any damages to the car or the passengers to be caused and namely: not to overload it, not to use it in extreme conditions, to carry any hazardous or forbidden loads, not to use it as a training car or a taxi, neither to tow a trailer or other vehicles and any other circumstances that are not mentioned and for which the Vehicle rented is not intended
    • leave the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria with the Vehicle rented, unless having the LESSOR’S written consent