The Republic of Bulgaria is located in Southeast Europe,  in the Northeastern  part of the Balkan Peninsula. It`s territory is 110 990 square kilometres  and it has population of 7.4 million people. The country borders Romania to the North /through Danube river/, Serbia and Republic of Macedonia to the West, Greece and Turkey to the South and the Black Sea to the East.

   Founded in 681, Bulgaria is one of the oldest states in Europe, with rich culture and history. Some of the most ancient monuments of human culture in the world are discovered on its territory. In modern times Bulgaria is known for its scientists famous for some of the most important discoveries of the mankind; athletes achieved many world records and for its singers, musicians and actors.

  Thanks to its unique geographic situation, combining mountains ( Pirin, Rila, Rhodope, The Balkan Mountain range) with perfect tourism potential all year round and the Black Sea coast with its excellent resorts and places for the summer, Bulgaria is a well-liked both for relaxation and entertainment. It is quite rich in mineral water- there are lots of mineral springs ( cool,warm and hot) distributed throughout the country and they are pretty famous for their healing powers. Along with that Bulgaria has quite impressive cultural and historical heritage and can offer abundance of cultural monuments and sights which makes it a great choice both for vacations and for cultural tourism seekers.